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    I thought I’d start my Most Reached For series off with the products I use first in my makeup routine: Primers. 
    I know some people love them, some people don’t find the need. Here is my breakdown on 5 that I love, and why there may not be just one perfect primer for you.

    Lets start with a little tidbit of info on primers shall we? Primers have a few functions, but the general gist of them all is to perfect the look of your base makeup. Some are meant to control oil, some smooth large pores, some illuminate and even bronze. Phew, confused already as to which is right for you? Here are my current favourites, and why and when I reach for each one.
    L’Oreal Magic Lumi is a pearly white liquid that is meant to illuminate your skin, and it really does. I don’t actually prefer this as a pre foundation primer, but rather as an illuminator I mix in with some of my more opaque coverage foundations. This also works particularly great if you want to lighten up a foundation that is a touch too dark. I don’t find this primer extends the life of my makeup at all, but having said that, that isn’t the function I use it for. 
    Another primer that claims some brightening qualities is the Tarte Clean Slate Flawless Primer. It has the slightest scent of oranges ( a warning to those scent sensitive) and leaves my skin feel uber smooth and a little extra moisturized, which is a bonus for my dry skin. Rather than the tell tale silicone feeling some primers leave, this leaves my skin feeling plump and smooth, whilst still feeling like my actual skin. My makeup stays on beautifully over this, and keeps fresh right to the end of the day.
    Clinique City Block Sheer Tint 25 SPF is actually marketed to protect your skin from UVA/UVB as well as wicking away perspiration and excess oil to prolong the life of your makeup. I was a little hesitant to buy because of the oil removing claim (usually things that claim to keep oil at bay means supreme tightness for my dry skin) but this has quickly become my favourite primer of the summer. It makes my skin feel amazingly soft and smooth, and my complexion instantly seems calmer, even in this summer heat. I find my makeup does look fresh longer, and for some sweet magical reason, I seem to need less foundation than when I don’t use this. Bonus! 
    But, what if you just want a basic primer, no sunscreen or extra radiance needed? Then my friends I recommend the ultimate basic primer in my eyes, Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Now while this cult classic also comes in oil free, radiance, hydrating and mineral versions now, I like the original best. Again no silicone feeling, which makes my skin feel instantly clogged, but instead it has the texture of a cream gel which smooths on and absorbs right in. My makeup lasts longer, and goes on over top of this nice and smooth. Simple as that!
    Finally, and option for those who want a little extra colour, or don’t like to use self tanners on their face, is the Bourjois Bronzing Primer. This does have a silky feeling to it, but feels weightless on the skin. Buff some on before tinted moisturizer or mineral powder, or pop a little on overtop of your foundation for an extra glow. This one smooths on to a matte finish so it is perfect for those who don’t need any help in the glow department but still want some colour, as well as those who like powder foundations. 
    Do you currently use a primer in your routine? Which is your favourite and why? 


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