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    Blush and Bronzer is one of my favourite products to buy, wear and in general hoard. Over the years I have amassed quite the collection, and so many brands, but these are the ones that have really caught my eye over the others screaming to be used.

    BRONZERS: I’ve tried so many but the Tarte Park Ave Princess Matte Waterproof Bronzer has garnered enough attention from me to hit pan in a big way. It always perks up my skin, never looks chalky or powdery which can be tough with matte bronzers, and truly lasts all day. Waterproof? Not so sure about that, but it certainly is fade proof and has made it through some hot sweaty days!
    On days when my skin is feeling a tad dry, or I want a glow without shimmer, I stick with a cream bronzer. Mine of choice is the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel – a cult classic. It warms up my skin, and imparts a lovely glow that just looks like skin that has been sun kissed, not sparkle bombed.

    BLUSH: Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blushes are hands down the longest lasting blushes I own. They are worth their price to the penny. I own several, but my two favourites have to be Blissful and Glisten. The first being a gorgeous matte peachy coral and the latter being a pinked up peachy shimmer. Honestly though, the whole darn range is amazing.
    Stila Convertible Color takes the cake when it comes to cream blushes. Gerbera is my current favourite for a gorgeous peach glow. It doesn’t turn into a chalky powder like so many so called cream blushes do, but doesn’t stay sticky either.
    When I want to go pink, I reach for Mac’s Pink Swoon, a clean bright matte pink that seems to blend on skin with some translucency for a youthful flush from within. If I want that pink to glow, I reach for Benefit’s Bella Bamba, which not only smells like fruity candy, but gives off this radient pink glow that seems to work on any skin tone.
    Lastly, bordering into the contour category a bit, is the NYX Blush in Taupe, and even though this is a blush technically, I use it in the hollows of my cheeks and areas of my face I want to slim a bit ( ahem, can’t I just slim my whole face??)

    Do you have a favourite blush or bronzer? Do you tend to reach for bronzer or blush, or both?


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