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    EVERYDAY ESSENTIAL | Benefit’s RSVP Creaseless Cream Shadow

    Benefit Creaseless Cream RSVP https://www.girllovesgloss.com
    You know that effortless shadow you reach for when you just can’t be bothered to think up something new? That go to eye makeup you reach for when you are already 10 minutes late and need to get out the door right now? Perhaps you are looking for exactly that to add to your makeup wardrobe….

    Benefit Creaseless Cream RSVP https://www.girllovesgloss.com

    For me effortless eyes usually come in the form of a neutral peachy champagne colour that can be then amped up with the likes of chocolate, taupe or heck even plum. Ladies, meet Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP. 
    A quickie swipe of a finger across my lids and I feel like I look put together on the most time crunched mornings. I’ll pair it with a chocolate brown liner, or if I want something a bit more amped up I’ll smudge a sooty black around my eyes for easy glam. I find myself reaching for this shadow more and more, as mentioned in my June Favourites post for its all day staying power and easy base/layering potential.  
    Benefit Creaseless Cream RSVP https://www.girllovesgloss.comBenefit Creaseless Cream RSVP https://www.girllovesgloss.com

    My pot is the old packaging, Benefit has recently redesigned their line but the shade remains the same – a gorgeous shimmering neutral with a hint of peach glow. The perfect summer low maintenance essential!

    What is your go to fuss free eye make up? What do you reach for when you just don’t feel inspired to try anything new?


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