BEACH IN A BOTTLE | Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Perfume

Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess seasonal perfume. Add it to the ever long list of wants thanks to the blogosphere and youtube. I kept hearing little tidbits about this scent about how lovely and summery it was, but when Lily and Anna talked about it in this video, I knew it needed to be part of my life before I even smelled it. 
Being one of those people who actually loves the smell of sunscreen, this scent is a little of everything I want to smell like in life!

Estée Lauder describes this as Inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean, a citrus floral blend with notes of Bergamot and Orange Blossom. 

Now I wouldn’t call this a citrus scent, even though many of the top notes in it are ( Blood Orange, Tangerine, Lemon leaves etc). Instead I would all this “Beach in a Bottle”. Everything about this reminds me of summers spent at the beach in my youth. Of tropical smelling sun cream, crisp ocean, lying out in the sun a little too long, and coconut rum. 
What can I say? It reminds me of those days and nights spent outdoors when we thought we would be young for ever.

Whoa, clearly this scent has pushed me into nostalgic overload! (and proven how rubbish I am at describing fragrance!)

Back on track… 

Let’s take a moment to chat about the bottle. The metallic bronze packaging is certainly not the most beautiful perfume bottle I’ve owned (and a right b.i.t.c.h to photograph) but it has an elegance in its simplicity, which I can appreciate as it sits next to my other favourites (Chanel Chance Au Tendre, Fresh Hesperides) which also seem to fit the theme of understated chic bottles. 
Coming in 100ml, I know this will surely last me a good while, which works for me, as I plan on basking in the gloriousness of this scent as long as I can. 

This is a seasonal scent, meaning it might change slightly from year to year (though the sales assistant at the counter told me this year they brought back the original), and only comes out in the summer time, so go snatch it up if you think it will be up your alley before it is gone like the wind. 
I picked up my bottle at my local Estée Lauder counter for $72 CND and it was worth every penny.

What is your go to summer scent?


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